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About the LEAD Awards

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You have dedicated your life to improving healthcare in our region. It’s time for us to take a moment to appreciate your valuable contributions to pediatric nutrition. Introducing Leaders in Early Life Brain Development (LEAD) Award, a unique initiative by Wyeth Nutrition.

The LEAD award aims to recognize excellent contributions to pediatric nutrition, including outstanding feats in the field of research, education, patient care and community service. This prestigious award show is conducted in our region to celebrate the brilliant minds, innovators, educators and caregivers who work tirelessly to improve the lives of the patients and humankind by going above their call of duty.


Academic Award

Academic Award

The Academic Award recognizes outstanding research and educational contributions to the field of paediatric nutrition. There are two awards given out in this category:

Excellence in Research Award & Excellence in Education Award

1. Research


  • Any publication in a credible journal in the last 5 years.
  • Total number of publications.
  • Were you the first author?
  • Was it addressing a real clinical problem in pediatric nutrition?
  • Was it an original trial article or Meta-analysis?


  • Have you represented national or international congress as speaker?
  • Did the presentation tackle a pediatric nutrition topic?

Clinical Trials

  • Was the trial multi-centered?
  • Were you a principal investigator?
  • Number of patients enrolled
  • Was the study addressing real clinical challenge in pediatric nutrition?

2. Education

  • Were you a project leader or planner in hospital or clinic for an educational program?
  • Were you a leader of post-graduate training initiatives?
  • Number and scale of initiative
  • Leadership position in association education committee? Eg. Chairman, Secretary etc.
  • Are you an Editor in any national or international journals

Clincal Award

Clincal Award

The Clinical Award recognizes clinicians who made a difference in their patient’s lives, going beyond their regular responsibilities in paediatric care.

There are two awards given out in this category.

1. Clinical Practice

  • Were you a part of committee that formulates the guidelines or hospital protocols concerning nutrition.
  • Part of or initiated a major Nutrition screening programs
  • Any innovative idea in Nutrition which can have a potential positive impact on child’s future growth and development. Idea need not be implemented already.

2. Patient Education

  • Number of patient education / awareness programs in Nutrition
  • Impact of patient education program
  • Number of patients enrolled or benefited from the program.

Community Award

Community Award

The Community Award recognizes outstanding contributions to the community through impactful mother- and baby-friendly initiatives.

  • Mother & Baby Friendly Initiatives
  • Number of breastfeeding programs initiated
  • Number of mother-friendly initiatives
  • Impact of the program
  • Scale of the program
  • Media coverage
  • Social media presence

Entry process

Lead Award Entry Process